Welcome to the Treasure Hunt

This is a private Treasure Hunt, a competition, a battle of wits and intellect as individuals on a select invitation only list go head to head photographing random items without getting arrested.

The Rules
At the start of each week FIVE items will be listed for you to find - not four, not six, but FIVE.
Fear ye not. They will be simple things like "Something Blue" or "Something beginning with the letter B" or something.
Before the end of the week, send in your treasure haul to the prearranged e-mail address.

You will receive 1 point for each correctly photographed item you find.
There will be an ADDITIONAL 20 points available in top secret bonus items - points will vary from item to item depending on how rare or tricky these items are to find.
So for instance, if you photographed a "Bus Stop" for your "Something that begins with the letter B" and that turns out to be the secret bonus item worth 3 points, you'd score 1 point PLUS 3 points.